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Welcome to the Official Wife official website!

Ever wonder what it was like being married to a ref? Here is your chance to find out! 

It is a crazy world and I've got the inside scoop.  Every year starting in November and lasting through March, I endure widow season... er, I mean BASKETBALL season! 

Come Follow Along, just don't cry foul.

 I'm also on FACEBOOK!  (not to be confused with spacebook- which is what my dad thinks it is called.)  That is where I check-in most of the time.  Okay, I admit, I am an addict.  That is step number one.  Like The Official Wife page and you will see pics and more daily crazy, er, I mean life.

The book is now available for purchase here on this website.   Click on the paypal button to get your copy or choose one of my childrens books.